Samuel L. Jackson (Not That One) Unleashes Expletive Filled Tirade During Florida DUI Bust

Who knew Florida has its own Samuel L. Jackson? Yeah, well me either, but Florida’s 43-year-old version of the epic line dropping actor got busted for drunk driving last Friday and apparently thought he was the OG SLJ.

Jackson did his best to live up to the name after an accident in Palm Bay, Florida. When police arrived he claimed to be sober, however his bloodshot eyes and the smell of booze told a different story. So, he tried a different approach, he got belligerent, refused a breathalyzer test and unleashed a string of profanities when they tried to arrest him. He kept swearing and even threatened to shoot one of the cops while they were taking him to a hospital.

Needless to say, Samuel L. Jackson is facing charges for drunk driving and threatening a public servant. You can check out his mugshot at