Florida Woman Fakes In-Flight Medical Emergency After Being Denied Bigger Seat


An American Airlines flight en route to Miami was turned around after a woman faked an in-flight medical emergency because she was denied a larger seat. 

Pensacola Police Department public information officer Mike Wood said, “Once airborne, she told them she wanted a bigger seat. The pilot declared an emergency… once they got on the ground, she made it clear that she was faking the medical condition to get a bigger seat.”

Once the flight arrived back to Pensacola, where it originally took off from, emergency crews evacuated the other passengers when the woman refused to deplane. The pilot eventually succeeded in talking the woman off the plane and she was taken into custody under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows authorities to hold a person who could pose a threat to themselves or others. “Because of things she said, she was taken in custody (under the Baker Act).

Criminal charges have not been filed yet, but there may be some charges in the future.” There were no injuries reported.


[h/t nbcnews]