Rumors Swirl Mötley Crüe Have Been Offered $150 Million To Tour Again… But There’s A Catch

They said that they would never tour again as Mötley Crüe but rumors are swirling and is reporting that the bad boys of rock may have been offered a $150 million Live Nation tour with one caveat — Vince Neil needs to drop 40 pounds and gets treatmen. Their sources say the 58-year-old singer was so angry about the condition he is insisting Tommy Lee needs to clean up as well and, naturally, that’s not sitting well with Lee, who got married earlier in the year and has reportedly been working on his image.

Four years ago they said they signed a contract that would prohibit them from ever touring again as Mötley Crüe once their All Bad Things Must Come To An End Tour ended so we’ll see how they plan on marketing their way out of that one if all these rumors really are true.