Police now enforcing the no texting and driving law

Texting and driving
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Back in July a new law was put into place instructing motorists to NOT text and drive. Although they were given a 6 month leeway period, the law is now being enforced as of Wednesday January 1st.

According to the law, you can be ticketed if you aren’t using cell phones or similar devices in a hands-free manner in designated school crossings, school zones or active work zones.

The fines are pretty low but they will add up and points will be put on your license.

The first offense will cost you $30 and court costs. Now that fee  doubles to $60, plus court costs and three points added to your driver’s license if  caught in school and work zones.

It’s not clear HOW police will bee enforcing this, but the best and safest bet is to just stay off of the phone while behind the wheel.


Cell Phone
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