New Jersey Town Can’t Find A Real Groundhog for Groundhog Day, Decide To Use Stuffed One Instead

Marumari at the English language Wikipedia [CC BY-SA]

Apparently trying to find a real groundhog is tough.

Just ask the good people of Haddon Township, New Jersey. This year they decided to get people out a little during the winter months, they’re going to have a groundhog day celebration.  They say the event will have bands, a beer garden, fire pits, and a heated tent, which actually sounds kind of nice.

The one thing they did not manage to find…an actual groundhog. But that did not slow them down. Apparently they’re going to have a human mascot, wearing a groundhog costume, as well as a stuffed animal.

Well now you’re probably thinking, how’s the stuffed animal going to see its shadow? It won’t. The people of Haddon Township are going to vote on whether or not they think it will see its shadow.

That all sounds a bit clunky to me. But when you think about it, it’s really not much weirder than the actual Groundhog Day tradition, where if a groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If it doesn’t, spring comes early. I always wanted to know how early. And it never seemed like it worked out that way.

Oh, and if that celebration doesn’t sound like a ball of fun already, Haddon Township will also be reenacting the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day at the event.

One more point about this weird Groundhog Day celebration, it won’t actually be on Groundhog Day. Nope, that’s Super Bowl Sunday, so the Haddon Township folks will be celebrating a day early, on February 1st.