AC/DC: New Album and Tour with Brian Johnson Expected in 2020

Cross those fingers. We are hearing from NME that AC/DC could make their live comeback later this year, with Brian Johnson!

Sources in Austrailia say Johnson will return to the group after hearing loss forced him to call it quits back in 2016 and that the group’s long rumored comeback album with Johnson will arrive in the next couple of months.

Drummer Phil Rudd — who left in 2015 following a conviction for a drug possession and threatening to kill a former employee could also be back in the mix, “They’ve had a few changes over the journey, but Angus out front, Brian Johnson lead singing, and maybe Phil Rudd, after his issues that he’s had in recent times,” says Australian radio personality Eddie McGuire.

Before you get too excited though, this isn’t the first rumor of an AC/DC reunion, the first go around was in 2018, so only time will tell. The only solid evidence we have right now is that Rudd and Johnson were seen together in Vancouver last year, where AC/DC have recorded all their albums over the last two decades.