John Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane to Become a Musical

Everett Collection / & Idawriter / Wikicommons

Well here’s something you probably didn’t, but should have expected. A new stage musical inspired by John Mellencamp’s 1982 hit “Jack and Diane,” which if you don’t remember recalls the tale of “two American kids growing up in the heartland” enjoying activities like “sucking on a chili dog outside the Tastee Freez” before realizing “life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.”

Mellencamp will be co-writing, contributing music and lyrics to the so far unnamed project. A statement from the producers (Republic Records, Federal Films and Universal Music Theatrical) said the musical will tell the story of “people who live, love and die on the underside of the American Dream in small towns across our country.”


[h/t abcnews]