Florida Man With Weird Fetish Arrested

Photo credit: Faleaka / Shutterstock.com

This proves it. There’s a fetish for everything.

A Florida Man was arrested early Thursday morning, which ended a months-long robbery spree in the Palm Bay area. 35-year-old Christopher Monnin was reportedly stopped around 1:30, as a suspicious person, because he was riding a bike and carrying a large, white bag that was filled with deflated pool floats.

Apparently, over the past seven months, this guy has broken into around 13 homes and stolen only pool floats. Monnin admitted to the robberies and told officers that he keeps the pool floats in a vacant home across the street from his. When officers checked it out, they found nearly 75 floats of all different shapes and sizes, including a duck, bacon, and even a Shaq-branded inflatable lounger.

When police asked him why, Monnin  “stated that he sexually gratifies himself with the floats and does this instead of raping women.”

He’s currently facing 5 felony burglary charges, as well as 5 misdemeanor theft counts, and is being held on $78,500 bail in the Brevard County Jail.

Hopefully that’ll keep this creep off the streets for a while.

Source:: The Smoking Gun