Happy New Year from 95.7 The HOG!!

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG & Josh from S.R. Perrott would like to welcome everybody back for another exciting year full of adult beverage shenanigans we like to call The Brew Review. And since we start the year off with what is called Dry January, we’ll start Episode 1 with a round of NA’s. First up is a beer from the well-established CO brewery, Coors, with COORS EDGE. Coming in @ 41 calories, Edge is meant to mimic the drinkability of its beloved flagship lager, Coors Banquet. Next up we have one from Athletic Brewery called CERVEZA ATLETICA peaking @ 60 calories. Atletica is a refreshing Mexican inspired Light Copper made from a unique blend of Premium Vienna & Munich malts that are balanced with light spicy & floral notes from the noble hop, German Hersbrucker.

After a quick break, the boys were back at it with one from the ever-popular Sam Adams called JUST THE HAZE with the most calories so far, a mere 98. This sucker is so good, it won a Gold Medal for Best NA in America. This was our favorite & all you have to do is take one sip & we’re sure you’ll agree. And lastly, we have another well known brewery making their mark on the NA scene with one from Guinness called NON ALCOHOLIC DRAUGHT. Just shy of 60 calories, Guinness NA comes in it’s usual pint-sized widget can, so you still get the excitement of opening a Nitrogen infused brew without someone having to take your keys!! So, if you’re participating in Dry January or if you just wanna party without the hangover, click here to find the nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until next week folks, Cheers!!