Florida Walmart Receives $80,000 Donation for Christmas Layaways But Employees Spent $20,000 On Themselves

Image by jimaro morales from Pixabay

A Walmart in Fort Pierce, Florida got an $80,000 donation from Chicago Bears Linebacker Kahlil Mack’s foundation to pay off the store’s Christmas layaway balance. But, the total at that store was only $60,000, and instead of returning the left over funds, managers and employees of the store put a bunch of stuff for on layaway themselves and used the the $20,000 to pay them off.

A spokesperson from Walmart says, quote, “We have determined the store did not handle the transaction in keeping with Walmart’s guidelines and have taken corrective action.” They were not clear what that action was though.

In a clarification, the Walmart representative was reported to have said, that “the ‘transaction’ was flawed, but employees didn’t ‘misuse’ the donation” and said “a ‘representative’ of the foundation—not the foundation itself—knew and approved of employees benefiting.”

For what it’s worth, Walmart has held canned food drives for its own staff. So in theory, that money may have gone to help the people intended.

Either way, it sounds like things didn’t go down properly, and in the long run that hurts more people.

[h/t bleacherreport]