Wife Slaps Chastity Belt On Husband While He Sleeps To Prevent Cheating

Image by rawpixel.com

Well this must be one of the more uncomfortable ways to wake up.

A Ukrainian man woke up one morning to find his wife has trapped him in a DIY chastity belt while he slept. Apparently he had been cheating on her and she figured the chastity belt would put an end to it.

The man tried to remove it himself, to no avail. He ended up calling an ambulance to take him to a hospital, where the doctors were also unable to remove the device.

An emergency team had to be brought in. They ended up using a circular saw to cut the device off him. The procedure was successful, and apparently he will regain full function, and likely get back to his old ways.

The man says he is considering divorcing his wife.

Source:: Metro