David Blaine floated up to almost 30,000 ft.


Yesterday, David Blaine attached himself to 52 helium filled balloons and floated over the Arizona desert. Safety precautions were made and he did have a parachute, but it wasn’t attached when he took off. He actually had to put it on WHILE floating up to almost 30,000 ft.

The whole ride was about 30 mins until he decided it was time to release the balloons and parachute safely down to earth roughly 2 miles from where he took off.

Blaine first started his career doing close up magic on the streets, then freaked out celebrities, until he started doing “Stunts” such as “Buried alive“, “Frozen in Time“, and one where he caught a bullet in his mouth after being fired from a gun.

The total runtime of the video below is about 3 hours but you can skip to 1 hour and 45 mins to see him start to get ready to “Ascend”.

David Blaine on YouTube