A man is getting paid to Crash funerals? Yep!


If this sounds like a joke… it IS …and it ISN’T.

There’s a man from Australia named Bill Edgar and he started up a service where the client pays him to reveal a secret or settle a score with a family member at their own funeral!

His services don’t exactly come cheap, so you better REALLY want revenge or possibly a good laugh at your funeral. Bill charges $10,000 per funeral and hes already crashed 22 of them!

At one funeral, he was hired to tell mourners at a biker’s funeral that his client was gay and his significant other was in the audience.

Another time, he said  “I blend in with the mourners.  I sit with the family and friends, in the middle of everybody.  I was to tell the best [friend] to sit down and shut up because [my client] knew he’d been trying to have an affair with his wife.”

Bill has been working production company and has signed a deal to make what he does for a living into a movie.

To see his picture, Click here.

(ABC NEWS Australia)