Are You Prepared to Walk Though a Disinfectant Spray to See a Concert?


We all know by now that large public gatherings like concerts are going to change. The question is HOW are they going to change?

The live music industry is chomping at the bit to get concerts up and running again and there’s already one 3-day festival scheduled to happen in the Midwest in July. (Yes, really.) So how are they going to do it? What changes can we expect?

We’ve seen people out in public wearing hulu hoops, full-body bubbles and gas masks to stay socially distanced… but they don’t seem to be viable options. Temperature-taking and masks are expected to be part of the new normal… although plenty of people are still rejecting them.

And now, according to the Mirror, some promoters are considering having fans walk through a disinfectant mist on their way into the venue.

Are you okay with that? Even if they tell you what is (supposedly) in it?

I think I’ll take the full-body bubble please.