You could make $25,000 with just one finger….


Thanks to YouTube star, Mr. Beast (who has 37.3 MILLION subscribers) and YouTube pranksters MSCHF… You could win up to $25,000 just by touching your phone.

Both came together to create an app called “Finger on the app“. You’re probably asking what that is…

It’s just like when they had people put their hand on a car and the last person to be touching it wins the car… It’s the same concept but with your phone.

Players put their finger on their phone screen when the game start and have to leave it there until they’re the last player touching their phone. The reason you can win UP TO $25K is because of an interesting twist. The players that lose can choose how much money should be added for the winner. Yes, they can bid $0 if they want to be rude.

The game is set to begin June 30 at 3:00 ET…. but… there’s just one more catch… It’s only available in the apple store. There is no Android equivalent…

Good luck! Click the link below to get the app

Finger on the app


Maklay62 / CC0