All Aboard! Next stop: Brew Review!!

Josh from S.R. Perrott swung by The Morning HOG studio today & brought some fine-tasting brews to Riggs & Steve. The first variety pack the boys tapped into was the Sam Adams Summer Variety Pack. Inside of that box, you’ll find flavors like Beach Session IPA, Summer Ale, Porch Rocker, & Tropical Wheat Ale. The Session IPA was super-duper delish!! After that, they tore into a new strain of seltzers from Willie’s Superbrew called the G.O.A.T. variety pack. Superbrew comes in 4 fantastic, thirst-quenching flavors like Pomegranate + Açaí, Blueberries + Lemon, Mangos + Passion Fruit, & Blood Orange + Hibiscus. To find out where to purchase these & any other S.R. Perrott products, you can click here. And, as always, enjoy responsibly…..Cheers!!