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We all know Pringles has come out with many different flavors and most of them are pretty strange, yet oddly tasty. We’re not sure about this one. Is it going too far for flavor?

Pringles has come up with a “Turducken” KIT. If you’re not familiar with what a “Turducken” is… It’s where you cook a chicken inside of a duck inside of a Turkey.

How is Pringles pulling off this flavor? Well, they’re putting together a KIT that contains those three flavors. Chicken…Duck…And turkey. When you stack all three on top of each other… TADA… They also have chips that taste like cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

This is all apart of their “Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit”.

The kits cost $16 bucks plus $5 more for shipping. They go on sale at noon tomorrow at KelloggStore.com.   Last year’s kit sold out in less than 45 minutes so if that’s your thing… Hurry! lol

Source (USA Today)

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