We Ate Some Weird Stuff As Kids

Creamy Banana and Chicken Salad via Shutterstock.com

Act our age, what fun is that? According to a new survey, two-thirds of adults say they, “don’t always act their age.”

Here are some of the weird things we ate as kids and maybe still sneak bites of today.
1. Bananas cut lengthwise with mayonnaise.
2. Uncooked pasta dipped in peanut butter.
3. Salted lemon slices.
4. Cereal with 7-Up instead of milk.
5. Crushed-up Doritos sprinkled on ice cream. (Which kind of sounds amazing.)
6. A packet of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix used like chewing tobacco.
7. “Pool chips” …which are, quote, “tortilla chips we dipped in the swimming pool.”

And here are the 10 kid activities we still love to do now that we’re older too. 
1. Play board games.
2. Watch cartoons.
3. Pop bubble wrap.
4. Watch Disney movies.
5. Blast our music.
6. Watch kids’ TV shows.
7. Play mini golf.
8. Color a picture.
9. Play with Legos.
10. Go down a slide.