The Morning HOG Brew Review: Rey Azul & Truly

Riggs & Steve on The Morning HOG were once again joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott. On today’s episode, the boys sampled some yummy liquor based seltzers! First up is a tequila & soda mix hailing from Rey Azul. Inside this variety pack you’ll get flavors like Mango, Pineapple, Grapefruit, & Lime. The grapefruit was Steve’s favorite. All of these have the perfect blend of fruit, soda, tequila, & a hint of sea salt with only 100 calories. The second half of the Brew Review was with Truly & their vodka seltzers. These bad boys are made w/ 6x distilled vodka, real fruit juice, & premium flavors including Cherry & Lime, Pineapple & Cranberry, Peach & Tangerine, and Blackberry & Lemon. These Truly’s clock in at 5% ABV, 110 Cal, & 2G of sugar. If you’re interested in picking some of these up or any other S.R. Perrott product, you can click here for the nearest location. Enjoy responsibly everyone…Cheers!!