The Morning HOG Brew Review says, “Please welcome, Bell’s Brewery!”

Josh from S.R. Perrott paid Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG a visit today for a fresh new Brew Review! On today’s episode, we’re doing all of our beers from the same brewery out of Michigan called Bell’s Brewery. The first one we tried was a 5.8% wheat ale called Oberon. Brewed with just wheat malt, hops, water, & our signature house ale yeast, Oberon has a bright orange color & is citrusy, smooth, & refreshing. Next up at the plate, we have a slight change of pace with a Bell’s Hearted IPA Variety Pack. Kicking it of we have a set of IPA’s with the first one being Change Of Heart Experimental IPA clocking in at 6.8% ABV. This beer is Bell’s fresh take on the classic West Coast IPA style. With this beer we have lightened up the body & used modern hop varieties & techniques to maintain assertive bitterness with a fresh, brighter presentation.

After a short break, the boys return to the Brew Review. Only this time, we’ve got what’s called Two Hearted IPA with an ABV of 7%. Brewed & dry hopped with 100% Centennial hops, this American IPA is bursting with refreshing hop aromas. After that, we have a hefty 7.5 Percenter called Hazy Hearted IPA. Hazys come & hazys go, but none have this much heart. With tropical & fruity aromas, this hazy IPA finishes smooth. We saved big daddy for the grand finale! Ladies & gents, here is Big Hearted Imperial IPA with a whopping 9.5% ABV. This imperial style IPA gives off citrus & berry hop aromas, balanced with a slight bitterness. This one just so happened to be everyone’s favorite…..hmmmm. Okie dokie artichokie’s, that’s gonna wrap it up for the week. If you wanna be as cool as us & drink the same beers, click the link here to find your nearest dealer. Make sure you tune in next Friday as we do another sesh right before Welcome To Rockville 2023!! And as always, please remember to enjoy responsibly folks & until next time…..CHEERS!!!