The Morning HOG Brew Review presents: Truly & UFO.

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG let Josh from S.R. Perrott come back into the studio for another Brew Review. The boys tried 8 different beverages this morning & the first 4 were from the extremely popular Truly with their Truly Getaway Pack. Number one is called Arctic Berry. Arctic Berry is all about the brrrr. Featuring blue-brrr-ies, rasp-brrr-ies, & pretty much any other brrr-is you can think of. Next is Desert Orange. Find your oasis with the wild flavors of Desert Orange. Pops of prickly pear & dragon fruit make this a mouthwatering drink like no other. After that we’ve got Mountain Pear-Adise. Pick the local peak’s finest pears, pop in a few crisp apples, & what do you get? Mountain pear-adise in a can. And lastly, there’s Tropic Like It’s Hot. If you’re searching for a taste of the tropics, look no further. A little pineapple, some guava, & a dash of papaya make for one beach-worthy beverage. All 4 are 5% ABV, 100 Cal, 1G of sugar, 2G of carbs, & gluten free.

After a short break, the gentlemen resumed the drinking by getting spaced out on a variety pack by UFO. The first of these 4 is simply titled White. UFO White has many of the flavor hallmarks of a Belgian Witbier: leading notes of citrus & spice contributed by California orange peel & freshly ground coriander, a smooth mouthfeel due to a large presence of wheat in the malt bill, & a hazy appearance from leaving the beer partially unfiltered. Secondly, there is one called Florida Citrus. Brewed with real Florida Oranges, orange peel, & orange puree, this beer is beaming with bright, citrusy goodness. Crisp & refreshing, bursting with fresh & juicy orange flavor & a clean finish that is sure to keep you coming back for that next sip. Next up is a brew called Maine Blueberries. Maine Blueberry is brewed with real Maine blueberries for the authentic taste of Maine’s signature berries. Notes of blueberry start with Maine Blueberries inviting aroma & continue with a wave of sweet blueberry flavor in each sip. Coming in last place is a new mix-pack exclusive: Crisp Apple! Bursting with apple-y goodness, this beer makes for a great choice no matter how you slice it. Crisp, refreshing & bright with straight-out-of the-orchard taste! Starting with a wave of fresh-picked apple aroma with a subtly sweet finish, this beer is good to the core. That’ll do it for this weeks Brew Review. If you wanna wrap your hands around any of these tasty beverages, you can click here for the nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until we meet again next Friday…Cheers!!!