The Morning HOG Brew Review featuring: Heineken, Modelo, Cayman Jack, & Mike’s Hard.

Riggs & Steve were joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott for another exciting adventure of The Morning HOG Brew Review. Josh thought we had put on a few extra pounds in the last 2 months, so he brought some low-cal options today. First up to bat is Heineken‘s light version called Heineken Silver with 2.9 carbs, 95 calories, & 4% ABV. Silver is brewed at -1°C, which allows more cold haze to form & be filtered out. This removes proteins & rough-tasting tannins, leaving a delightfully refreshing taste. Next up at the plate is a light version of the popular Modelo brand with Modelo Oro. Coming in at 3 carbs, 90 calories, & 4% ABV, Oro is the gold standard of light beer. Modelo’s golden flavor delivers an exceptionally smooth, elevated taste & a light beer with a crisp, clean finish.

After a 5 minute time out, we have another delicious beverage from Cayman Jack with Cayman Jack Margarita Zero Sugar. Explore the ideal mingling of tart lime with sweet agave nectar flavors with this signature drink that started the flavor journey. Featuring a crisp & clean finish & only 94 calories, this tastes like it was hand-crafted, making it the perfect pairing for every adventure. And finally, we have yet another classic drink, Mike’s Hard Lemonade with their Mike’s Hard Lemonade Zero Sugar. These bad boys come in a staggering 24 oz can & only 200 calories. Mildly carbonated, Mike’s is a spiked beverage that has the flavor of tart lemons while packing a citrusy punch with an energizing zing. If you’d prefer to be drinking these instead of us, you can find yours at a local dealer near you by clicking the link here. Thank you for tuning in & we’ll see ya next Friday…..Cheers everyone!!