The Brew Review welcomes Copper Bottom Craft Distillery!

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG were joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott & for a second week in a row, Josh brought a friend. Today Josh brought with him Jeremy Craig, Co-founder & head distiller @ Copper Bottom Craft Distillery. On this super special version of The Brew Review, we’ll be sampling premium vodka, gin, & 4 variations of rum. Right off the top we started with Copper Bottom Vodka. Handcrafted from start to finish & distilled in small batches using unrefined sugar cane. This premium vodka is light, crisp, & clean with a refreshingly smooth finish. Enjoy neat or as the base for your favorite high quality cocktail. Next up is the Copper Bottom Silver Rum. Handcrafted & distilled in small batches using unrefined sugar cane. This premium rum boasts notes of butterscotch & vanilla, with a smooth, creamy finish that reflects unique artisanship weaved into the distilling process. Designed to compliment all types of mixology. After those two, we’re gonna go with one that local restaurant, Rosevilla, asked to be made especially for them. This is simply called Rosevilla Signiature Gin. With flavors of juniper, coriander, lemon, & lime, you’ll get a nice citrusy note on this beverage. Even @ 90 proof, this thirst-quenching liquid goes down super smooth!

As usual, the guys took a quick break & returned to three more bottles. The 4th bottle that was sampled was the Single Barrel Rum. Handcrafted from start to finish & distilled in small batches using unrefined sugar cane & matured in once used bourbon barrels. This premium rum is a medium amber color with notes of vanilla, oak, & a hint of citrus & spice. Coming in fifth place is the Port Finished Rum. Handcrafted and distilled in small batches using unrefined sugar cane. Aged in a once-used bourbon barrel from Kentucky for two years, followed by one year in a freshly emptied cask of Italian ruby port. This rum boasts subtle stone-fruit notes like raisin & plum blending beautifully with notes from the charred oak bourbon barrel for the ultimate smooth finish. And lastly but not leastly, we have the Bottled In Bond Rum. What Bottled In Bond means is that in the late 1800’s people were selling bottles labelled as bourbon, but were actually clear spirits with iodine, tobacco juice, or other disgusting substances. A group of whiskey distillers led by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. called their Congressmen & decided to enact the Bottled In Bond Act in 1897. This act stated that in order to be Bottled In Bond, the bourbon had to be distilled by 1 distiller; in 1 distillery; in 1 distilling season. But more importantly, it had to be aged in a Federally Bonded warehouse for a minimum of 4 years & bottled @ 100 Proof. This bottle is 6 yrs old & has some rum undertones, but drinks a lot like a whiskey. Alrighty, that’s gonna wrap it up for this weeks Brew Review. If you’d like to grab any of these bottles or any other S.R. Perrott product, click on this link right here. Until next time, enjoy responsibly folks!!