The Brew Review welcomes Bucked Up energy drinks.

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG brought in Josh & Jeremy from S.R. Perrott along with Brant from Bucked Up. Bucked Up has dozens of extremely delicious flavors to choose from as well as energy shots called Buck Shots! They didn’t start with soda. They’ve never dumped caffeine into something & tried passing it off as an “energy” drink. Because they know energy. Not just the energy you get from caffeine – we’re talking REAL and LONG-TERM POWER. Natural caffeine-as well as game-changers the other guys haven’t heard of: Dynamine & Teacrine for long-lasting energy. A. GPC & Huperzine-A to boost your brain. Everything you need to tell your body it’s time to work…or party…..or whatever. You decide.

The 3 flavors we tried today were Blood Raz, Rocket Pop, & Miami. I can tell you Blood Raz is a watermelon flavor & you’ll taste sweet summer days by the barbecue. Or I can say it’s Raspberry & you’ll recall that succulent jam you got from the nice old couple at the farmer’s market. Blood Raz manages to be sweet, succulent, & tart. Rocket Pop is time travel. It takes you back to your childhood. Fourth of July parades, fireworks, & best of all…Red, White, & Blue popsicles under a shady tree. Rocket Pop is America. Party in the city where the heat is on, all night energy till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami—Bienvenidos a Miami! Let the strawberry, mango, & pineapple whisk you away from daily drudgery & drop you off at your dream destinations. Sip that neon-berry bliss, feel the energy surging, & listen. Because here, the music never ends — pop the tab & taste vacation. Well folks, that’s gonna do it for todays curveball edition of The Morning HOG Brew Review featuring Bucked Up. If you’d like to locate these tasty bevs & get bucked-up, click here to find your nearest dealer.