The Brew Review Presents: Rogue, Abita, & Topo Chico.

Riggs & $teve from The Morning HOG were once again graced by the presence of Josh from S.R. Perrott. Today’s episode features an Abita & the Topo Chico Aguas Frescas Variety Pack. But first things first; one of the best sour ales is available from Rogue called Combat Wombat! This incredibly delicious creation is a fusion of hazy, sour, & fruity all tied together with a hefty dose of Australian hops. Oozing aromas of citrus & tropical fruit, Wombat glows a vivid gold, while notes of tart grapefruit & sweet blood orange battle in a barrage of flavor with a fruity hop profile, but reconcile peacefully in a tangy finish. After this, we switch gears completely & dip in the Topo Chico pool with their Aguas Frescas Variety Pack. The first one outta the box is called Ripe Watermelon. The mouthwatering flavors of Ripe Watermelon are primed to become a modern aguas frescas classic. The fresh watermelon & hint of lime combine to create a crisp, refreshing flavor meant for summer. After that, we tried a sample of Passion Fruit & Mango. Take a trip to the tropics with the refreshing tropical flavors of Passionfruit Mango. The balanced fruity crispness creates an aguas frescas hard seltzer that’s meant for summer refreshment.

After a quick pause, The Brew Review resumes play with the third Topo Chico flavor; Hibiscus & Lime. Balanced & refreshing, Hibiscus Lime invites you to the harmonious marriage of floral & juicy. The crisp taste is a perfect pairing for a hot summer day. And now for the last of four flavors is Citrus Tamarind. Crisp, tropical, or simply “refreshing.” Citrus Tamarind balances a variety of flavors to deliver a uniquely delicious twist on aguas frescas that’s the perfect refreshing taste for summer. Now, we really did save the best for last with one from Abita called Ride Share with a whopping 10% ABV. You might want to plan ahead with this bright, hazy brew. Ride Share is a smooth Triple IPA loaded with luxurious hops. Its cloudy appearance steers you towards big hop flavors of tropical & citrus fruits. Don’t let the high ABV fool you – this drinkable brew is pleasantly balanced with a touch of malt sweetness & slightly dry finish. The guys still have to drive home, so that’ll be enough for today. We’ll pick things back up next Friday. In the meantime, if you wanna try your own samples of these beverages, click here to locate your nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until next time…Cheers folks!!