The Brew Review presents: Dunkin’ Spiked Iced Coffees & Teas.

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG welcomed back Josh from S.R. Perrott per usual. On todays episode of The Brew Review, we steered the beer wagon onto a slightly different path with some adult drink choices from Dunkin’ Donuts. Are you ready for a boozy spin on fan-favorite Dunkin’ drinks? Dunkin’ announced its new Spiked Iced Coffees & Iced Teas, marking further expansion into the ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage market. As of now, Spiked is available in grocery & package stores across 12 states, promising year-round enjoyment day or night. Dunkin’ Spiked Iced Coffee has an ABV of 6%, drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic coffee flavors. Dunkin’ Spiked Iced Tea, the brand’s first venture into the hard tea category, has an ABV of 5% & offers four signature flavors.

The four Spiked Iced Coffees varieties include:

Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee-Rich & satisfying with the classic Dunkin’ coffee Dunkin’ Spiked Caramel Iced Coffee– Vibrant & smooth with sweet & delicious caramel flavor Dunkin’ Spiked Mocha Iced Coffee– Bold, chocolatey, & approachably decadent Dunkin’ Spiked Vanilla Iced Coffee– Creamy, smooth, & delightfully sweet

The four Spiked Iced Teas varieties include:

Dunkin’ Spiked Slightly Sweet Iced Tea– Made with black tea and refreshingly sweet with a bright citrus finish, with a twist of lemon flavor Dunkin’ Spiked Half & Half Iced Tea– Thirst quenching & perfectly balanced with half black tea & half lemonade Dunkin’ Spiked Strawberry Dragonfruit Iced Tea Refresher-Made with green tea & slightly sweet with bright & exotic fruit flavor Dunkin’ Spiked Mango Pineapple Iced Tea Refresher– Also made with green tea, with a tropical fruit flavor twist

Alrighty folks, that’ll do it for this mornings Brew Review. If you’d like a completely different morning pick me up or an afternoon boost alternative, you can click here to find your nearest S.R. Perrott dealer to locate any of these tasty beverages. Until we meet again next Friday…Cheers!