Randy Rhoads Memorabilia Stolen From Music School On Thanksgiving

"Ozzy" Osborn at the honoring of the late Randy Rhoads to the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, Ca, 03/19/04 & Eugene Zelenko via wikimediacommmons.org

A display cabinet containing personal memorabilia and artifacts from legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads’ career was stolen from the Musonia School of Music Thanksgiving night. Thieves reportedly broke into the North Hollywood, California, school either late Thanksgiving night or early the following morning and stole the personal items on display from Ozzy Osbourne’s former guitarist.

The music school was founded by Randy Rhoads’ mother and run by his brother Kelle, who spoke to The Metal Voice regarding the loss, “It’s bad. The Rhoads family essentially has no more pictures or memories; there’s no more memorabilia or pictures or anything about my brother Randy. It’s all gone, it’s devastating.” The thieves not only stole the family’s personal keepsakes, they also vandalized the school with a crowbar, stole Randy’s amplifiers, his first guitar and a rare pre-World War French Besson trumpet that belonged to Kelle and Randy’s mother.

Due to the personal nature of the items and connection to the school it would be difficult for the thieves to sell the memorabilia, leading the family to believe the thieves just want to own Randy’s personal items and they will be difficult to recover. Kelle has had difficultly communicating with local police; whom most likely are overworked and lack the manpower to fully investigate many recent area burglaries.

Randy’s birthday is today, December 6.