Ozzy blames his bad year… on a DOLL?!


We all know Ozzy had a bad 2019. He had neck surgery, a pretty rough fall, an infection in his hand, and hospitalization due to the flu. He believes it was no coincidence…. He blames it all on a DOLL named Roger.

It all started in 2017 when he and Jack (Ozzy’s son) went to a museum in Key West. Inside one of the rooms was a doll named Roger that was said to be owned by a man named Robert Eugene Auto. It was given to him by a woman who was supposedly a Voodoo practitioner.

Visitors and workers at the museum have told stories about the doll moving around the room and even throwing things at caretakers.

WELL, apparently Ozzy “Disrespected” Robert the doll by passing gas in front of it. Although he apologized, he believes the doll cursed him.

To make matters worse, Jack thought it would be funny to give Ozzy a replica of the doll but Ozzy wanted nothing to do with it.

(NZ Herald)