Live In Concert: ACDC

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Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany, June 14, 2001

Just as the rock world was getting ready for all the excitement and pageantry of an AC/DC tour…COVID hit.

AC/DC went ahead and released their new album, “Power Up.” but stadiums around the world remained dark. Now, there’s a little movement. The band has scheduled a few concerts starting in September, and if all goes well we’re hoping we see a more traditional type tour. Stay tuned!

This weekend, we’ll go back and enjoy a classic AC/DC concert from their “Stiff Upper Lip” tour. It was captured live at Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany on June 14th, 2001.

Don’t miss this legendary performance by rock legends, AC/DC!

They’re headlining this weekend’s Live in Concert!

This week’s setlist:

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