Kiefer Sutherland Is Sorry for Creating Mullet

Angie Linder via / Rex Hammock via Flickr

Kiefer Sutherland is taking responsibility for creating the mullet and according to Yahoo Movies, it’s ultimately because of his role as “David” in the 1987 vampire classic “The Lost Boys”.

According to Kiefer, director Joel Schumacher wanted Kiefer’s character, David, to have long, white hair. Keifer says,

“It’s actually a funny story. Joel Schumacher wanted me to have long hair, and I had long hair at the time and then he wanted it white, a timeless kind of thousand-year-old look. So I dyed it white and my hair was like normally long, like long everywhere. And I just looked like a wrestler!”

Kiefer did like the way that Billy Idol’s spiky white hair looking though, calling it “badass”, so he got his hair cut like Idol’s, but kept it long in the back to keep Schumacher happy. Kiefer says,

“And so I actually think I might’ve been responsible, or at least partially responsible, for creating the mullet. And for that, I’ll apologize to the death.”

Here’s the original trailer for the cult classic vampire movie that spawned a million mullets. If you simply cannot wait, you can see the mullet in all it’s glory at 1:23 or skip to the second “feeding” video below. Enjoy.