Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Here’s the Official Answer. / Pixabay

Its that time of year where the festivities are in full swing! Eggnog is flowing, HR is firing people for bad Christmas party decisions and the debate continues of whether 1988’s blockbuster movie, DIE HARD, is a Christmas movie?

The debate has raged for years and divided the internet but now, it seems, we have been given a definitive answer.  (No, not by Bruce Willis, he’s already weighed in during his Comedy Central Roast in July saying, “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a god damn Bruce Willis movie!”)

The verdict has been handed down by the NYPD and LAPD. Last Christmas Eve, the New York Police Department tweeted their official determination that Die Hard IS indeed a Christmas movie. Not to long after, the LAPD confimed.

So there you have it. Or maybe not… we don’t anticipate the debate will be going away anytime soon.

[h/t 22words]