How Early Is Too Early to Start Drinking on Weekends?


How early is too early to start drinking on the weekend? Well that depends. If you live in Florida and just found out the state suspended the consumption of alcohol at bars effective immediately due to the increase in positive coronavirus cases, that timing could change.

Before any of that though, more than 2,500 Americans were asked how early is too early to grab your first drink on days you don’t have to work and a whopping 23% said one should wait to imbibe until 5:00pm OR LATER… ON A WEEKEND. (Who are these people??)

16% said it’s okay to start drinking at noon. (Generally responsible people.)
10% said that 10am or earlier is fine. (These people enjoy brunch, a lot.)
8% said 11:00am is good. (These people are always late for brunch.)
26% said sometime between 1 and 4pm. (These people sleep late.)

Outside of over a third of people that say they don’t drink at all, most described themselves as “social,” “weekend,” or “special occasion” drinkers while 3% said they enjoy a drink at every opportunity and 5% of us drink every day.

Cheers – enjoy your weekend!