Heads up. Some Thanksgiving items to NOT give your dog.


A lot of us like to give our dogs a little something on Thanksgiving day, but some of those things COULD send your pooch to the vet…

Seasoned Turkey. Salt and spices aren’t good for them. Also, don’t give them the skin. Unseasoned is ok and the white meat is better than the dark. Definitely don’t give them the carcass. The bones could cause damage to their stomach and intestines.

Any baked goods or dessert. Too much sugar can give your pet pancreatitis. Even if it’s sugar free, it’s really bad for them. There’s a sugar substitute called xylitol and it could cause their blood sugar to fall drastically and cause liver failure.

Garlic, onions, stuffing and gravy. It can mess with their red blood cell count.

Raisins or grapes. They could possibly cause kidney failure so just to be safe, don’t let them have any. if they happen to grab one they should be fine, just keep an eye on them.

Ham. It has tons of salt which is not good for them.

If you want to see a full list of what you CAN give your furry friend, you can click here.