Guns N’ Roses Released Exclusive Merch For Mother’s Day (Yes, Really)

Yep, you can file this under things I never thought would happen, but here we are. Guns N’ Roses just released some exclusive merch for Mother’s Day.

If your mom goes crazy for GNR, be the best kid you can be and can grab her one of their three new women’s t-shirts release just for Mother’s Day and thank us later. You can choose from a “Don’t Cry” throwback tattoo-style logo, a “Patience” logo or a “Sweet Child O’ Mine” women’s cut shirt, (which admittedly is odd because it features some of the artwork from the Use Your Illusion albums instead of Appetite for Destruction, but we don’t need to dwell on that.)

If your mom is really special, you didn’t procrastinate and already ordered her the sold out “Lucky Shot Logo Bullet Wine Glass” that features an actual bullet embedded in the side of the glass. If you didn’t – you still have time to make up for it. Shirts can be ordered up until 5/1 to arrive in time for the big day.

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