Free beer!!!

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

Miller Lite wants to seriously give you free beer and they way they are marketing this free beer is actually pretty clever.

They want you to UN-FOLLOW them on Facebook and Instagram. They’re saying that they think society needs to spend more time with PEOPLE than on their phones. Miller Lite said they were also going to take a break from social media posting.

In order to get the free beer, you have to take a screenshot of proof that you aren’t following them on social media and text them with the word “Unfollow”. The number is 49375 . Then they will send you a link. After that, when you go to a bar and order a Miller Lite, upload a photo of your receipt and they will PayPal you the cost of the drink.

Pretty bold marketing strategy! Then again…FREE BEER!

BTW… Its only good between Oct 22- Nov 22.