Florida Woman Wants Some Free Fries

Willis Lam [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Florida Woman is currently being held without bond after demanding free fries from a Burger King and flipping out when they would not comply.

42 year-old Natasha Bagley was at a Burger King in Hialeah on April 2, and insisted that they give her and her girlfriend free fries. In case you’re not familiar with how fast food works, you pay and then they give you food. Not sure if these ladies have heard of that concept before. Either way, they were denied the fried, salty goodness, and that did not sit well with them. In fact, they threatened to rob the place.

Eventually, that threat turned into a full on brawl, with Natasha and her girlfriend even hopping the counter and fighting with the employees in the kitchen. One of the women even pushed a cash register off the counter before fleeing in a black SUV.

Bagley was finally arrested on Monday on a number of charges.

Burger King fries are definitely not worth this kind of hassle.

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