Disney’s Alcohol Infused Whips Will Have You Whipping It Real Good

Image via Instagram @Wine Bar George

Disney’s marriage made in heaven of Dole Whip and booze is without a doubt one of the best parts of going to the magical lands that are Disney. From the Dole Whip Mimosa at Wine Bar George to the Dole Whip Lime Margarita at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to the King’s Cooler at the Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu refreshments and dessert stand, there are lots of ways you can whip it real good while while visiting the Magic Kingdom.

And now, Wine Bar George, is adding the Frozcato Sugar Cookie Sandwich to their repertoire of alcoholic yumminess. The concoction of two sugar cookies sandwiching a blend of pineapple Dole Whip, sweet Moscato wine, and vodka, and sprinkled with colorful pineapple-shaped candy sprinkles and pearls is everything sugar-filled boozing dreams are made of. If this tastes anything like it looks, I’m gonna have brain freeze.

Now you know how to whip it real good next time you go to Disney.



[h/t insidethemagic]