Did This Have To Be Clarified?

I’m so confused by this and never thought it’d be a thing I’m writing.

Garlic is delicious. I put it on lots of food. It’s the flavor-maker!

Garlic is also pretty useful when it comes to keeping vampires away!

Garlic should NEVER be shoved up in your lady parts. There is a thread going viral on Twitter right now, and apparently some ladies got wind that it contains allicin, which is anti-fungal and anti-yeast.

According to Dr. Jennifer Gunter, however, that is a super bad idea. Who would have thought?!

She tells us that for the garlic to actually produce allicin, it would need to be crushed, and then shoved up there somehow. But then how do  you get the garlic bits out? And it probably still would have zero effect.

Plus, garlic comes from the ground, which means soil that carries bacteria. That will cause an infection right quick!

And there are a slew of other potential problems with this. Check out the full thread here. And be sure to read some of the comments. They are priceless!