Defense For ‘Mother Of Satan” Bomb Maker Files For Dismissal

DeLand, FL – Defense attorneys for 38–year-old Jared Coburn want the charges against him dismissed. They have filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the chemical triacetone triperoxide (TATP), also referred to as “Mother of Satan” by terrorist organizations, found at Coburn’s home at the time of his arrest on November 13, 2018, was used for making fireworks, not explosives.

The motion goes onto say that the charge for possession or manufacture of explosives can not stand because it is “his (Coburn) unrefuted testimony that he would light the purported TATP on the ground or add it to fireworks to help make them brighter.” Also, “Fireworks are excluded under the definition of Explosives.”

The Motion to Dismiss goes on to say that the two charges for Possession of a Destructive Device also cannot stand because, per the state statute, such a device must contain an explosive, incendiary, or poison gas and includes any container filled with any of said materials. Further, that “analysis by the FBI Laboratory concludes that the samples tested in this case do not contain explosives.”

Formal charges were filed against Coburn in December 2018. A trial date is set for February 17, 2020. Coburn is currently out on bond.

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