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Keep it.. or Give it back?

There’s a man in Michigan named Howard Kirby and he recently purchased a couch at a secondhand store and paid $70.00 . He said he wanted something for his man cave. He had the couch […]

Credit Card
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Card skimmers

During the holidays, card skimmers are all over the place. With The Rolex 24, Daytona 500, and bike week coming.. you can be sure there will be lost of thieves trying to steal your card […]

The Morning Hog

Interesting and scary thing about your cat.

There’s a team at Colorado Mesa University’s Forensic Investigation Research Station that accidentally came across an interesting thing about cats. Some may have heard that if you die in your house your cat will eat you… […]

Tony Romo
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Pretty big pay increase

Tony Romo is in his 3rd and final year in his CBS contract which brings in around $4 million a year. ESPN is reported to be offering between 10-14 million which would make Romo the […]

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Secret Shopper Scam

This story is coming out of Orlando, but it could happen anywhere and because of the severity of the scam, the FTC is now involved. A woman named Louissteen Cummings received 2 checks in the mail […]

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To the MOON!

Ladies…. Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the MOON? Here’s your chance! There’s a 44 year old named Yusaku Maezawa from Japan and he is looking to take a date to the actual […]