Brian May Rips Buttocks to Shreds in Over-Enthusiastic Gardening Incident


Brian May wants you to know that it’s not COVID-19 that put the 72-year old QUEEN guitarist in the hospital, it was a bit of over-enthusiastic gardening.

Brian May shared on Instagram that he was hospitalized after “ripping his Gluteus Maximus to shreds” in a gardening accident.

“I managed to rip my Gluteus Maximus to shreds in a moment of over-enthusiastic gardening. So suddenly I find myself in a hospital getting scanned to find out exactly how much I’ve actually damaged myself. Turns out I did a thorough job – this is a couple of days ago – and I won’t be able to walk for a while … or sleep, without a lot of assistance, because the pain is relentless.”

May didn’t provide any other details. Maybe it’s better that way.