A Mayor In South Korea Dumped A Ton of Trash On Beach for International Coastal Cleanup Day

Mike Baird [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Here is the kind of news that gets my blood boiling.

Lee Dong-jin is the mayor of Jindo County in South Korea and was worried that there wasn’t enough trash on his beaches for International Coastal Cleanup Day this past Saturday. 600 volunteers had pledged to come out and cleanup the beaches, and Dong-jin wanted to make sure they all had something to pick up.

So on Friday, he had a bunch of garbage trucks haul trash, like bottles and styrofoam, to the beaches of Jindo County and dump it.

Dong-jin did apologize when news of the dumping became public, and claims that none of the waste that was dumped on the beaches made it into the ocean. He says the volunteers managed to pick it all up.

I’m pretty sure I would lose my mind if I saw trucks dumping garbage on the beaches here in Florida.

Almost 100 countries participate in International Coastal Cleanup Day, including the US. And there are almost two dozen locations in Volusia County alone that helped clean up our beaches. The final numbers, as far as how much trash was picked up on our beaches, have not come in yet, but early estimates are saying thousands of pounds of trash were removed.

It sure seems like we have enough trash to pick up without adding more to it.

Source:: Newsweek