1 In 7 Americans Are Actively Planning For A Zombie Apocalypse

Image by ahmadreza heidaripoor from Pixabay

I read a headline yesterday that says, 14% of Americans Have a Zombie Apocalypse Strategy. Initially, I made a joke but it turns out that 1 in 7 Americans actually DO have plans in place in case of a zombie outbreak.

I literally got an email from our Veterinarian today that said, “How a Veterinarian Can Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”. And, while the email may have been tongue-in-cheek, the information sources where very real, including a link to information on the CDC’s Public Health website on Zombie Apocalypse preparedness. Seriously. Check it out here if you don’t believe me.

So, back to the numbers: 24% of the preppers are millennials, 15% are Gen Xers and 6% are baby boomers. They are specifically gathering food, water, weapons and ammo — have a hiding or meeting place, or relocation plans to a place with fewer zombies (think countryside instead of suburbia).

Hang on I’m not done. 6% say they will just start killing everything they see when it happens, 2% will switch sides and here’s the weirdest statistic; 12% of people with a strategy refused to reveal any of their planning details.

I guess this is serious folks. Good luck.