Woman Pistol-Whips Husband With Nerf Guns

college.library [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, this woman seems to have found a way to make Nerf guns dangerous.

Anh Thi Pham, 40, got into a verbal altercation with her husband on Monday because she suspected he was cheating. The fight quickly became physical when she grabbed a couple of her kids Nerf guns and began pistol-whipping him with them.

He ended up running out of the house. She chased him, and when police arrived, they noted that she was standing in the driveway, with a Nerf gun in each hand.

Deputies observed minor cuts and scrapes on the man’s face and left arm. Pham admitted to attacking him and was placed under arrest for domestic battery. They also tacked on a charge of child endangerment, since their four children were present in the house at the time.

Source:: News Star