Your Mom Probably Deserves Something Nice This Mother’s Day

mother's day
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This is a time of year I always feel pretty guilty. I know my mom did a lot for me growing up, and I thanked her by moving 1100 miles away. Go me!

On top of it, I ran across this survey that looked at how much time moms put into their kids, and now I feel like I really need to step it up this year…and maybe actually send her something.

The survey focused on 2,000 women with kids and found that, on average, moms spend 97 hours a week caring for their children. That’s almost 2 and a half full-time jobs…AND 70% of the moms in the survey are already working full-time or part-time.

The survey also focused on the jobs that moms take on. The ten most common are teacher, meal-planner, cook, nurse, life-coach, housekeeper, launderer, personal assistant, event planner, and therapist.

Also, despite the fact that 53% of moms said that they don’t get enough sleep, and 47% said they don’t have time to pursue hobbies or hang out with friends, a whopping 69% of moms in the survey said they wish they could spend even more time caring for their kids.

Basically, I’m sorry mom, for everything. I’ll send you something nice this year.

Which reminds me, I better get on that…

Full survey results here