Worlds last Blockbuster is now an Airbnb?!?


Remember Blockbuster? Well, there’s only ONE left in the WORLD and its in Bend Oregon. Next month the owners are “renting” it out for Airbnb!

They took a part of the store and turned it into a 90’s style living room. Complete with a NON wide screen, VCR, bean bag chair, a pull out couch and they even leave candy and snacks out. They’re only charging $4 a night!! That’s what it would cost to rent just one movie there.

The reason they’re the ONLY Blockbuster left is because the residents go out of their way to keep it open by constantly renting videos.

Remember when you could call a Blockbuster and ell them what kind of movies you like? Well, you can STILL call them and ask for movie suggestions! 541-385-9111

If you want to see the actual listing, click here.


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