Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty After Trying To Drown A Cat In a Culvert

Edgewater, FL – Edgewater Police say 37-year-old Amanda Goodwin was found walking out of a drainage culvert on Silver Palm Drive with a cat that was soaking wet and terrified. They were alerted to the situation by someone driving by who tried to help her.

The witness told officers that he saw the woman in the culvert and it looked like she was trying to help the cat. He turned around and drove back to the area where the woman was putting dirt on the cat’s head and submerging the cat in the water in the culvert. The witness said Goodwin was not making sense and at one point said she was “taking the cat to Jesus.” The witness contacted law enforcement and provided them with a written statement of what happened.

The officer reported that the cat was covered in mud, mewing, shaking and appeared to be terrified. When asked what she was doing, Goodwin told the officer that “Hubble” the cat was thirsty and she was trying to give him some water. When asked why she didn’t take the cat to where she lived, just a few houses away, Goodwin said she was locked out of the house because her grandmother did not want her there.

Goodwin than told the officer that “Hubble” was hot so she decided to bring him to the drainage for water because the outside faucet was not working. While the officer was talking to her, Goodwin was still holding on to the cat, which he reported was still extremely terrified and in distress. The officer asked Goodwin to sit on the ground because he noticed her legs were trembling. When she did, the cat escaped and ran under the patrol car. The cat was retrieved by Animal Control and taken to Edgewater Animal Shelter for evaluation. The cat is expected to be ok.

Based on Goodwin’s actions causing apparent harm and distress to the cat, the officer arrested her on a charge of Animal Cruelty – Intentionally Causing Harm. She is currently at the Volusia County Jail.

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