Watching These Teens Hear “In the Air Tonight” For the First Time Will Make Your Day


Who wants to watch people throw cheese slices at their baby’s heads on YouTube when you can watch Gen-Z teen twins TwinsthenewTrend discover the joy that is the breakdown in Phil Collins’s 1980 hit, “In the Air Tonight.”

On their channel, Gary, Indiana’s Tim and Fred Williams react to hearing various classic songs for the first time. “I’ve never seen nobody drop the beat three minutes in the song!” “He killed that,” says Tim.

And fellow YouTuber Madam Scuttlebutt1 wins the comment section. “The whole world waited for your reaction at 4:56. It’s a right of passage. An initiation. We’ve all been through it. Welcome aboard.”

SPOILER ALERT: They even pause the playback to give themselves time to let the drum breakdown sink in.