WATCH: This Godzilla Christmas Tree Breathes Smoke

YouTube: Steven Newland/flyingkiwiltd

If you aren’t feeling satisfied with your same boring Douglas fir tree this year, may we suggest a Godzilla Christmas tree that breathes smoke? I mean, finding something like this to decorate your home is exactly what the internet was made for.

The Godzilla Christmas tree was made by Steven Newland and auctioned with bids over $250 going to charity ($165 went to Canteen kids). Coming in at just under 6ft and breathing smoke, the ‘Treezilla’ also has plastic teeth, paper talons, and the eyes glow red just under a festive Santa hat. If you are interested in making one yourself, here’s what he used and you can study the video below.

Treezilla is comprised of four Christmas trees, lights, chicken wire, green mesh, 1x fog machine (with remote control), plastic teeth, and paper claws.


[h/t bloddydisgusting]