Time Outs For Speeding?

Dickelbers [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I guess when adults refuse to behave it’s time to start treating them like children.

Which is exactly what the country of Estonia has decided to do. First time speeding offenders can now be offered an option, speeding ticket or time out.

Apparently the number of road fatalities has increased dramatically over the past couple years, and the Estonian government feels like time outs could be effective in getting drivers to stop speeding. There will be two tiers – anyone caught speeding within 20km/h of the speed limit can choose to receive a 45 minute time out, standing on the side of the road, and anyone going 21km/h or more over the speed limit can choose a 60 minute time out.

An advisor for the Estonian PD says they believe that offering the option of a time out ultimately help officers determine why people are speeding, since they’ll have time to talk to the offenders. They say it could even help change driver behavior in the long run.

For me this would be a definite deterrent. I never have 45 minutes to an hour to kill when I’m driving.

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